Wednesday 17 October 2012

In our prior post- “SEO- Does it really matter?” we emphasized on the importance of SEO to enhance your reachability to your customers and consequently increase your profits. We have also covered the factors regarding Keywords to boost your rankings in our post-“Keywords- An important Component in SEO”. In this post we will discuss the other primary Ranking factors - On Page SEO .

• Text and Images
A page with only text appears unappealing to viewers and one with only images is assuredly going to degrade your rank. Hence you need to include a few images on your page but it is necessary that these images contain alt tags with proper keywords, since the crawlers can’t see your images.

• Sitemap
Crawlers find it difficult to crawl through large websites. Also they can leave your site before crawling all pages when it finds an outbound link. Hence it is necessary to provide them with a sitemap to make it easier to crawl through your site. It is similar to a foreigner lost in a new country, but finds it easier to travel if given a map. Sitemaps help in guiding crawlers if in case they reach on dead end pages (pages not having links to any other page on your site-Try avoiding these!!).

• Page Load time
No user likes to wait to see a page; and the same is with crawlers. Pages with longer loading time will surely receive a lesser rank.

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• JavaScript and Flash
Firstly crawlers can’t understand JavaScript. So if important content on your page is generated using JavaScript, they won’t be able to read it. It is not harmful to have JavaScript’s for small functions, but it is a good habit to keep your JavaScript external. Flash on the other hand can prove to be harmful for your rankings. Crawlers do not index flash items. So if you really want to have some flash items on your page, it is better to have a text defining the flash movie so that the crawler can read what is in the flash movie. And having a flash item on your home page will certainly get your rank lower.
Besides on page you also need to consider off page factors which we have listed in our post- Off Page SEO - Essential aspect of increasing your Ranks.

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